REVIEW: Never Too Far (Too Far #2) by Abbi Glines

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“I love you, Blaire. I love you so damn much it hurts.”

Back of the book blurb:

Just when Blaire allowed herself to fall for her stepbrother, Rush, he revealed a life-altering secret so devastating that she couldn’t forgive him. Unable to face him again, Blaire leaves the promise of true love behind in Rosemary Beach and returns to the comforts of her small town in Alabama, wanting nothing more than to put the summer behind her.
 But unexpected news complicates Blaire’s plans, and she’s forced to trust the one man she shouldn’t. Trapped between Rush’s fierce desire to win her back and her own sense of self-preservation, Blaire doesn’t if she’s doing the right thing…or if she’s making the biggest mistake of her life.

Publication Date: March 25, 2014
Publisher: Atria Books
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9781476776019

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A message from the cosmos: 

My rating:

Again, how do I give Abbi Glines anything less than five stars when her books just MAKE ME FEEL EVERY EMOTION EVER AND I CANNOT HANDLE IT?! It’s not fair. Literally every book she has written sucks me right the fuck in and I have to finish it as soon as I start it because I’m WEAK, okay?! I’m SO WEAK WHEN IT COMES TO ABBI GLINES. Also, when it comes to Rush and Blaire. I love having more than one book about a couple rather than her Sea Breeze series where it’s only one couple per book. Ugh, it’s amazing.

Rush is so fucking sexy, and how much he cares for Blaire just makes him ten times sexier because who doesn’t want a big, gorgeous, silver-eyed male falling in love with them? I know I sure do! There’s just something so intoxicating about “ruining” a man for anyone else. That sounds really abusive, but we all dream of finding someone who only has eyes for us forever. And I love that about Rush—that he will only love Blaire for the rest of his life. And he’ll do whatever to prove that to Blaire.

I love Blaire so much. Abbi Glines’s female characters are always usually independent with a touch of damsel in distress. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with needing saved, because so many of us have trouble asking for help when there is nothing wrong with needing help! (That just made me think of the song “Cinderella” by The Cheetah Girls. Haha. “I’d rather rescue myself.”) The problem is when you start getting too dependent. That’s never a good thing, because if they ever leave, what do you have? Nothing. Blaire is the perfect mix of independent and damsel. Like 95% independent and 5% damsel. I mean, shit, she was planning on raising this baby on her own without Rush! I love her for that. She cares so, so much about everyone in her life and she’s so sweet and takes what life gives her and doesn’t complain and I just have a lot of feelings towards Blaire Wynn-soon-to-be-Finlay. FUCK. She’s amazing. I think I’m in love with her as much as Rush is.

Honestly, the second book in a trilogy is usually the filler novel to get the story to where it needs to be to end, and this was sort of like that. It was basically Blaire trying to decide whether or not she wanted to tell Rush she was pregnant with his child and the aftermath of all of that, regardless, it was still a very touching novel. Especially close to the end, which is where it made me cry.

The only problem I really had with this book was the fact that the back and forth between the good and the bad between Rush and Blaire was so… rushed. (I had to.) Like they would fight and a couple pages later, shit was fine and they were fucking. I mean that’s fine if it happens once or twice but when it happens multiple times, it’s just tiring.

All in all, after reading this, I am SO excited to wrap up Blaire and Rush’s story and find out whether or not they live happily ever after. Abbi Glines has once again sucked me into a world in which I would rather not leave, but sadly, I must eventually. But I’ll be damned if I don’t try my hardest to stay! I’m just glad there are more Rosemary Beach novels after Blaire and Rush’s story is over! Love Glines for that!

Happy Reading!

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