REVIEW: Compulsion by Martina Boone

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“Her hands crept around his neck, tangling in his hair to keep him closer, even though she knew that beautiful boys with expiration dates couldn’t be held, only borrowed for a time.”

Back of the book blurb:

All her life, Barrie Watson has been a virtual prisoner in the house where she lives with her shut-in mother. When her mother dies, Barrie promises to put some miles on her stiletto heels. But she finds a new kind of prison at her aunt’s South Carolina plantation—a prison guarded by an ancient spirit who long ago cursed one of the three founding families of Watson Island and gave the others magical gifts that became compulsions.
 Stuck with the ghosts of a generations-old feud and hunted by forces she can’t see, Barrie must find a way to break free of the family legacy. With the help of sun-kissed Eight Beaufort, who knows what Barrie wants before she knows it herself, the last Watson heir starts to unravel her family’s twisted secrets. What she finds is dangerous: a love she never expected, a river that turns to fire at midnight, a gorgeous cousin who isn’t what she seems, and very real enemies who want both Eight and Barrie dead.

 Publication Date: October 28, 2014

Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pages: 448
ISBN: 9781481411226

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My rating:

I have had Compulsion for so long. I don’t even remember when I bought it, but it had to be soon after it was first published. The description had intrigued me, even though it’s not my usual type of book. And that’s probably why I’ve waited almost a year to read it. I try not to stray off my usual smut/romance NA/YA books just because I hate not liking a book so I try to avoid it. I knew this had a romantic subplot to it, though, which is why I finally read it.

I was super pleased that I finally picked up this book. I will admit, anything that isn’t romance does seem to read extremely slowly. That’s just me and I wish it were different. There are a few non-romance books that have soared by for me, but if romance isn’t the central plotline, it takes me a while to really get into a book. This was no exception. I was definitely intrigued by it, and I absolutely loved the world Martina Boone has created here. Her imagery is so exquisite and it’s like a beautifully filmed movie in my head. Everything is bright and brilliant and honestly, the world she created is just beautiful.

Her characters were also vividly written. Barrie Watson is one of my favorite protagonists I’ve read this year. I think she’s so complex and funny and truly just an enjoyment to read. To go through her story with her was very exciting and intense and romantic. Along with that, I absolutely loved Pru. She was so strange and intense. Very dramatic, which I love. And of course, we have the dreamy Eight Beaufort. I know it’s Charles the Eighth, but I like to pretend his name is actually Eight because I think it’s precious. I absolutely loved Eight. God, I always gush over male characters but I can’t help it… I HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR THEM, OKAY? Book boyfriends always do it better. Eight was so sweet and charming and ugh, I love him. I honestly would be struggling right along with Barrie, though. I mean, how would you know what he actually wants or if it’s just him knowing what you want?! That would be so tough.

The plot was extremely intriguing. I honestly don’t know if there was a main “question” that I wanted to be answered. There were so many things happening and so much shit that already happened, it was almost like, wait, what are we trying to figure out? We find out most of the unanswered questions at the end of the novel, but it seemed so anticlimactic. And I think that’s because there wasn’t a set “main question” that the reader was trying to figure out. There were several big questions but not one overall. And that was kind of disappointing because when we found stuff out, it wasn’t that big of a deal. What were the stakes?

Other than that, the plot was really fun. I’m actually reading Possession by A.S. Byatt for a Neo-Victorian class and it plays on some gothic themes, but the book is absolutely boring and just AWFUL. It’s written beautifully, but god, I cannot stand it. So to read a contemporary gothic novel was a great and welcoming contrast.

Overall, I am so happy that I finally read this and honestly, I’m ready to read some more like this. Anyone have any suggestions?! I love the whole gothic feel with some romance mixed in. So if you know any books similar to this, please let me know!

Happy Reading!

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