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“Didn’t you know that talking to someone while they’re reading a book ups the likelihood of you getting stabbed by like four hundred percent?” 

Back of the book blurb:

Everyone knows you should never say never. 
Cooper Moore never saw Maggie Williams coming. She was just his best friend’s little sister, the curly-haired, freckle-faced girl from Mississippi who was absolutely off limits. And he never thought about her any other way — not until he saw her that night, broken and brave. From that moment on, he knew he’d do whatever it took to protect her, even if it meant he had to stay away. 
Maggie never expected to find her fiancé banging her maid of honor an hour before she was set to walk down the aisle, but life’s funny that way. The only option to save her sanity is to get the hell out of Jackson and move to New York where her brother lives. The only downside: Cooper is there too. And she just doesn’t know if she can stay away from him — the filthy rich, dead sexy playboy who’s allergic to commitment. 
The second Maggie sees him again, she realizes he’ll be impossible to resist. Luckily, commitment is the last thing on her mind, and Cooper is the perfect escape. As long as she can keep her heart in check, everything will be just fine. Because she can never have feelings for him. Or at least that’s what she’ll keep telling herself. 
Chaser is a standalone romantic comedy and book 2 of the Bad Habits series.

Publication Date: October 15, 2015

Publisher: Promise Socks Publishing
Pages: 438

Available for Purchase:

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My rating:

I’d like to start off by saying thanks to Natasha over at Book Baristas because if it weren’t for her review, I wouldn’t have discovered this AMAZING book!

I was immediately hooked when I started the first sentence because the first chapter is set in the middle of a sex scene. I FUCKING LOVE THAT. Thank you Staci Hart for doing that. As much as I love slow burn books, I really love it when we, as readers, get to glimpse inside of a story in the middle of it. I just really like that and how it works and how we get to figure out the whole story ourselves. It’s just fun and makes it much more exciting.

Speaking of sex scenes, WOW! These were on FIRE they were so hot. God, Hart really knows how to turn someone on. And while these scenes were extremely steamy they were also so sensual because let’s be real, it’s kind of hard to have friends with benefits and not develop feelings eventually. And that just made the scenes so much… more.

I really loved the group of friends, too! I’ve never been one to have a group, you know? I think that’s why I enjoy reading about groups of friends so much. You feel like you belong and it’s just nice and fuzzy and all that shit. They were all so funny and drunk and it was just really fun to read, okay?

The protagonist, Maggie, was really interesting. Especially because her fiancée had just cheated on her on her wedding night three months prior to where the story begins. It begs the question of how long can you grieve someone before you’re ready to move on? How soon is too soon and how long is too long? It was really enjoyable to watch Maggie work through her feelings and come out stronger on the other side.

Cooper. OH MY GOD COOPER. You sexy motherfucker. God he was so sweet. And so caring. And so damn sexy. He was actually a nice guy. At least when it came to Maggie. We didn’t really get to see much of his “bad boy” side that he apparently had. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’d like to see it, but then again, it was nice how amazing he was to Maggie.

THIS BOOK WILL MAKE YOU SWOON, I PROMISE. I am so excited to read more Staci Hart! Yaaassss.

Happy Reading!

The Cosmic Reader

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