REVIEW: Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten

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“Finding a best friend is like finding a true love: when you meet yours, you just know.”

Back of the book blurb:

They say Delia burned herself to death in her stepfather’s shed. They say it was suicide.
 But June doesn’t believe it.
 June and Delia used to be best friends in that way that comes before everyone else—before guys, before family. It was like being in love, except more. They had an infinite number of secrets, tying them together like thin silk cords.
 But one night a year ago, everything changed. June, Delia, and June’s boyfriend, Ryan, were just having a little fun. Their good time got out of hand. And in the cold blue light of morning, June knew only this—things would never be the same again.
 Now Delia is dead. June is certain she was murdered. And she owes it to her to find out the truth…which is far more complicated than she ever could have imagined.
 Sexy, dark, and atmospheric, Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls will keep you guessing until the very last page.


Publication Date: July 7, 2015
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781481418539

Available for Purchase:


A message from the cosmos:

My rating:

What the fuck? That’s literally the first thing I asked as soon as I finished this book. I’m still reeling. The book was pitched as Gone Girl meets 13 Reasons Why so you can already imagine just how fucked the book will be. I just… there’s so much that happened and I’m still trying to process it all. I’m not even sure where I want to start.

I guess I could start with one of my favorite things about the novel, which happens to be all the homoeroticism that is put throughout the novel and then the actual homosexuality that takes place. It’s obvious that Delia had a thing for June, but it’s still ambiguous whether June ever felt that way for Delia. I think, in a way, June did have feelings for Delia. Maybe not as strong, and maybe not even in the same way, but there was more than just friends there.

Delia was one fucked up girl. Her tendency to lean towards alcohol and drugs made for some interesting tales and adventures. She was this enigmatic character that kept you on your toes. Her friendship with June seemed more toxic than anything, which kind of put me off, because there are chapters that depict what June and Delia were like when they were actually friends, and you kind of end up having a love/hate relationship with Delia. She was just messed up. And you love her and hate her for that exact reason.

June was an extraordinary character. Her development throughout the novel was just… breathtaking. To explore her character and find out who she really is, was seriously so much fun. And Weingarten does an incredible job with how grief works and how June believed everything she heard about Delia and how she died and if she was actually murdered, who murdered her. Because when you’re grieving you will literally grasp onto anything that makes what happened make more sense. And that’s exactly what happened with June. It’s intense and you kind of want to slap her and tell her to calm down because one chapter she believes this one person killed her and the next paragraph she’s like, “No, never mind!”

A lot of this book is jarring. There are tense and POV shifts between chapters and just the general plot of the book is jarring, which obviously works well since the entire concept is supposed to jar the reader. I really enjoyed that—I love mindfuckery. The ambiguous ending really frustrated me, though! I wanted a concrete answer. Especially because I’m almost finished with a class where every single book had ambiguous endings!

I think the reason why I gave it four stars and not five was because of how much was left unanswered. Don’t get me wrong, a lot is answered, but there are still so many questions. I’m assuming that’s what Weingarten wanted, but it is exceptionally frustrating to me.

Overall, Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls is a book filled with mindfuckery, romance, and a lot of teenagers with questionable morals. I loved it.

Happy reading!

The Cosmic Reader

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