Top 5 Book Lovers--Part 1: The Ladies

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Hi all of my lovely book butterflies. Today I bring you a post that has been deeply challenging to me—because there are so many amazing choices. In honor of International Women’s Day recently, I decided to make a top five list of my favorite book girlfriends. These are women who have impacted me while taking their journeys with them. They’re all strong, brilliant, and beautiful. I know book boyfriends usually get more attention, but let’s give it up for the ladies! They deserve some recognition!

1. Bianca Piper

From The DUFF

I honestly tried to not include YA ladies in here because I wanted to do another top five list, but with just women from YA novels. But, there’s no way I could leave out Bianca Piper.

Bianca Piper doesn’t believe that, out of her friends, she’s the prettiest. And when Wesley Rush, king of the man-whores, deems her the designated ugly fat friend, it seems to confirm it. This leads her to throw her Coke in his face. However, things at home are rapidly going down the drain and unfortunately, the only thing that can take her away from all of her problems is sleeping with Wesley. Things don’t go as planned when Bianca realizes Wesley isn’t as terrible as she thought he was.

The DUFF is probably my all-time favorite book, not even just in the YA genre, but literally all-time. And Bianca Piper is the reason why. There’s something about her that I just fall in love with every time I read the book—and trust me, that’s several times a year. Her cynicism, as well as her inclination to just ignore her problems has me rooting for her to find the happiness she so desperately deserves. I also love that she doesn’t even want to change Wesley; she just wants to use him to escape for a couple hours. (You’ll see that’s a theme in the ladies that I’ve chosen as my favorite.) Her voice is sarcastic, hilarious, and by the end of the book, you’ll wholly care for Bianca Piper. She’s truly a masterpiece.

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2. Hanna Bergstrom

From Beautiful Player

Hanna lives for the lab. She practically lives in the lab. But when her overprotective brother lectures her on how she’s neglecting basically everything besides her work, she decides to take him up on his advice and throw herself out into the world by making friends and starting to date. And she has the perfect person to help her achieve this goal—her brother’s best friend, Will Sumner, who also happens to be a huge player. But when Hanna discovers her own sex appeal, Will has to prove to her that he’s the only one she needs.

Like I said before, I have a thing for women who don’t want to change a man—they’re just along for the ride. They don’t want to “tame” the playboy. And that always seems to tame them anyway. But, Hanna and her unfiltered mouth and hilarious comments, made me fall in love from page one.  She’s so independent and so unapologetically herself that you have no choice but to be on her side. And watching her fall in love for the first time with someone who loves her back will leave you swooning.

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3. London Hughes

From Wicked Sexy Liar

London is perfectly fine flying solo, especially after her last boyfriend left her burned. But when Luke Sutter, a total player, shows up in her bar one night, she can’t seem to resist a one-time fling with him. She gets spooked, though, when Luke seems to want more from her than she can give. And when London finds out about Luke’s past—specifically, who is in it—complicated becomes an understatement, and exactly what she was trying to avoid.

Again, with the girls who don’t give a shit about taming the playboys. There’s this amazing scene—and I’m not really spoiling anything, because it happens in the first few chapters—where London tells Luke her name, but he doesn’t hear it correctly and calls her Logan when they’re hooking up, and London doesn’t correct him. And finally, when Luke finally realizes his mistake, it doesn’t seem to bother London. And honestly, it’s just such a well-written scene because Luke is bothered by it, and I don’t know. It just got me, and I’m so in love with it. I really love London so much. She’s spunky, so funny, and I love how she thinks. And just goes with the flow. She also has one helluva heart and I instantly fell in love with her.

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4. Tally Youngblood

From the Uglies Series

Tally lives in a society where once you turn sixteen, you undergo an operation to become pretty. And that’s all she can think about. But a few weeks before her operation, she meets Shay. And when Shay runs away to The Smoke, an alleged place where people can go to be free of society’s strict rules, Tally is threatened with not being able to turn pretty until she finds Shay, thus leading the authorities to The Smoke, so they can destroy it once and for all. All Tally wants is to be pretty so, reluctantly, she goes to find The Smoke, but when she arrives, she doesn’t plan on liking it, or falling in love with David, the son of the founders of The Smoke. When Tally finds out some dangerous information about the operation, she vows to never go back. Things don’t work out in her favor, though. I mean, why would they?

Uglies, and the rest of the series, holds a special place in my heart because it was my first dystopian series I ever read. And I fell in love with it. I also fell in love with its protagonist, Tally Youngblood. There is just something so fun about her. I absolutely love her voice and I love how she reacts to everything and how she thinks and… I just really love her.

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5. Fallon O’Neil

From November 9

Fallon and Ben meet on the day Fallon is scheduled to move across the country. Instantly, they’re attracted to each other, and this leads to them spending Fallon’s last day in L.A. together. At the end of the day, they make plans to meet on the same day every year—November 9th. Ben’s an aspiring novelist and Fallon is just the inspiration he needed. They keep meeting up every year on the same day until one day, Fallon isn’t sure Ben is who he says he is.

Colleen Hoover is truly an incredible writer. Her stories always seem like brand new ideas and her characters are always so much fun to read. I really loved Fallon so much because she was so outspoken before the accident that left her insecure. And throughout the book, you see that voice come back out to play. Her character development is actually fascinating to read. The thing is, you never feel pity for Fallon because you know she’ll be able to bounce back after whatever happens. And I love that a lot.

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All right! There we go. My top five favorite women in books! I hope some of these inspired you to read these books as well as appreciate your favorite female characters even more!

And don’t forget to look out for the second part to this post—my top five book boyfriends—next week!

Happy Reading!


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