Top 5 Book Lovers--Part 2: The Gentlemen

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Hi all! I’m very sorry my posts aren’t as frequent as of late. I have about a month until I graduate from college so things are really getting super busy as I try to get my shit together (LOL as if). I’m trying to read books to write reviews on, BTW! It’ll happen, I promise. Anyway, here’s the second part of my top 5 book lovers (I guess it should be top 10, but whatever.) This one goes out to all the book boyfriends who have kept us warm (or, hopefully, hot) throughout the night.

1. Ridge

From Maybe Someday

I feel like I don’t even need to explain the synopsis of these books anymore because I literally talk about the same ones over and over again—I’m so sorry for that, it’s just… these books have made such a huge impact on me and I will never stop talking about them until everyone I know has read them. You’re welcome.

Ridge is Sydney’s new neighbor when she moves into his apartment complex after getting cheated on by her douchebag boyfriend. And Sydney can’t help but be fascinated by the way he plays music or by the way he looks. And Ridge finds himself just as captivated. Throw in some major baggage and you get the stuff that dreams are made of.

Ridge is seriously my favorite book boyfriend out of all of the books that I have read. And many might argue this just because of some stuff that happens in the book; and if anyone knew me at all, they would think I’m such a hypocrite for loving Ridge so much. I just can’t help it. He’s so dreamy, and beautiful, and his and Sydney’s story is so amazing and heartbreaking. And I will forever cherish it.

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2. Ashton Henley

From One Tiny Lie

            One Tiny Lie is K.A. Tucker’s follow-up to Ten Tiny Breaths and focuses on Kacey Cleary’s little sister Livie. Livie has always been the calm and collected one out of her and her sister. So, when she walks into Princeton she does not plan on partying, getting a roommate who loves to party, or partying with Ashton Henley, the captain of the men’s rowing team and also gets her fired up.

            This is probably my favorite K.A. Tucker book and I think I said in my review it’s mainly because of the atmosphere of the book and that’s still true. I also really love Ashton so fucking much. He’s so arrogant and hilarious. And he also helps Livie come out of her shell, which is always a fun thing to read about. The way Ashton makes me feel… whew! It’s definitely a roller coaster and those kinds of feelings are my favorite kinds of feelings.

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3. Will Sumner

From Beautiful Player

If you remember, Hanna, Will’s beau, showed up in my top 5 favorite book girlfriends. If I had to pick a favorite couple, it would probably be Bianca and Wesley from The Duff and then Will and Hanna. I’m not describing the synopsis of this book because you can literally go find it in the post right before this.

            Christina Lauren always writes amazing male characters—they’re always these big alpha males that are players until that one woman comes into their life and they just can’t stop thinking about her. And what’s better than fucking a beautiful player? Taming that beautiful player, duh! Will’s voice is so goddamn sexy and the way he cares for Hanna just has me swooning all over the place. His nickname for Hanna—Plum—just… wow. Why fruits as nicknames get me going? I have no idea. But I seriously love Will so much.

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4. Kellan Kyle

From Thoughtless

            My boss at work actually recommended this book to me and said it would change my life. And let me tell you, it fucking did. Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens centers around Kiera Allen, who just moved across the country with her boyfriend Denny. And what a surprise, they move in with Denny’s friend Kellan and there’s an instant attraction between Kellan and Kiera. The book follows Kiera as she battles feelings for two completely different guys in every aspect.

            Kellan is a moody, beautiful, and seriously talented rock star. And trust me, you will instantly love him. He will seriously have you swooning, drooling, and wishing he was real. He’s completely sweet and just all around amazing. God, there are so many scenes in this book that will have you holding on for dear life. And I knew as soon as I finished this book, Kellan had entered my top five of book boyfriends.

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5. Evan Wilke

From Unteachable

            Unteachable, which I believe is Leah Raeder’s debut novel, takes you on Maise O’Malley’s journey of trying not to fuck up her own future. She’s eighteen and has big dreams, but things change when she meets Evan Wilke and their chemistry is almost tangible. It’s also short-lived, which is how Maise likes its: no strings attached. But, Maise just can’t get Evan out of her mind and when she finds out on the first day of school that Evan is her new films teacher, things go awry. They vow to keep their hands off of each other, but neither of them are that strong—nor do they want to be. Things are not as they seem, though, and when the truth finally comes out, Maise and Evan can’t seem to get past the fact that they both were just playing parts for each other.

            Leah Raeder’s voice is so unique and special and god, I couldn’t get over it. This book is so intense. And Evan Wilke is my favorite teacher. (I kind of have a teacher kink, get over it.) The best part about Evan is that while he knows the relationship is wrong, he knows his feelings are real and that he can certainly learn some things from Maise. It might seem like a power imbalance, but if anything, Maise holds the power in the relationship and I absolutely love that. I love Evan’s character so much and that’s exactly why he made it in my top 5 of book boyfriends.

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Happy Reading!


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