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Back of the book blurb:

I remember the lights.
I remember I wanted to photograph them, the way the red and blue splashed across his cold, emotionless face. But I knew even if my feet could move from the place where they had cemented themselves to the ground and I could run for my camera, I wouldn’t be able to capture that moment.
I had trusted him, I had loved him, and even though my body had changed that summer, he’d made sure to help me hold on to who I was inside, regardless of how the exterior altered.
But then everything changed.
He stole my innocence. He scarred my heart. He took everything I thought I knew about my life and fast-pitched it out the window, shattering the glass that held my world together in the process.
I remember the lights.
The passionate, desperate, hot strikes of red. The harsh, cruel, icy bolts of blue.
They symbolized everything I endured that summer.
And everything I would never face again.

A message in a bottle:

Publication Date: June 16, 2016
Publisher: Kandi Steiner
Pages: 401

Available for Purchase:

My rating:

            This book took me by surprise. For some reason, it sounded familiar when I was scrolling through my book recommendations on my Kindle. Someone might’ve recommended it or maybe I saw it on a book blog once. Either way, the description really captured my attention just because it’s not so much a description rather than the prologue of the book and an actual scene in the book. And how immediately you know that’s a scene that will probably change your life forever. Either way, when I saw that it was free on Kindle Unlimited, I immediately downloaded and began reading.

“’I just want to be pretty,’ I finally answered, my voice just above a whisper.”

            Natalie Poxton is probably the protagonist I identify with the most besides Bianca Piper from The DUFF. I am so, so happy that Natalie Poxton exists, if only in a book. Natalie has just been dumped by her boyfriend and he immediately starts dating someone who, in Natalie’s eyes, is ten times prettier and definitely thinner. This and a couple of comments from her mother lead her to start working out with a trainer. The trainer, however, is Rhodes—resident bad boy and all-around hottie—who was a senior when Natalie was a freshman and has always had trouble swimming around in his eyes.

            Natalie’s fears and struggles are my own. We both face body image issues every single day and the only way to fix that is to truly believe that you are beautiful and making a change in your lifestyle for yourself and no one else. Natalie might’ve started training because of a boy, but through all the sweat, vomit, and tears she finds herself, she finds confidence, and she finds love. And it’s such an honor to take that journey with her.

“There are some sights in life, some little moments, that never look as pretty in a picture as they do in real life. I couldn’t capture depth with my camera—not true depth, anyway—like the depth of the dark night sky that surrounded each rainbow-colored morsel as it fell in the bright firework light. I couldn’t record the way it felt when that soft tissue paper hit the skin on my tear-stained cheeks. Or the way my chest felt heavy as I snapped each photo knowing he was watching me. It was a breathtaking moment frozen in time by an unremarkable photgraph. But it would live brazen in my memory forever.”

Kandi Steiner’s writing is so vibrant and captivating that it feels like you’ve jumped right into the story and these characters are people that you personally know and care for. The imagery she creates reminds me of Elliot Wake’s work (formerly Leah Raeder) and just how the words slow time down and wrap all around you, giving you such a clear image that it seems crazy that no one has ever combined those words before. Her writing is so beautiful that it brought me to tears more than once—several times actually. Sorry, I’ll stop gushing now.

“And it was in that moment that I realized Rhodes was like lightning. White hot and electric, but fleeting and dangerous. Beautiful to watch, but perilous to touch. But it was too late for warning signs. I’d been struck.”

            When I first realized Weightless I was concerned because it’s only one POV, not alternating, which I normally prefer in romance novels just because I like to know what each person is thinking and I think it makes the pace of the novel faster, which I also enjoy. But, as soon as I realized how hot and cold Rhodes was, I was thankful for the one POV. I can’t deal with novels that are really back and forth and have alternating POVs where they both just pine for each other, but since this was only one POV, it only added to the angst element and really heightened all of Natalie’s reactions and her storyline in general. Plus, Kandi’s writing is so incredible that you can absolutely feel how much Rhodes cares about Natalie just through Natalie’s eyes.

            Regardless, I fell in love with Rhodes and I fell hard. God, Rhodes was just completely intoxicating. His hot and cold routine, while I try to not to excuse men’s shitty actions, was made less of an issue when you realized his motives. (Also, this is why I think reader’s are more understanding people and can’t hold grudges for shit, because they realize that everyone has a motive and sometimes it has nothing to do with you.) Anyway, his storyline was completely heartbreaking.

“And I remember it hurt that first time he touched me. Not because it was painful, but because it was everything but. It hurt from somewhere deep inside my gut that told me I would never get to have him, to keep him, or to feel the way I felt with his hands on me with anyone else for as long as I tried.”

            I’m not kidding—there are so many scenes that will just break your heart because you come to care for these characters so damn much. I know I connected with Natalie so much because of her body image issues and that’s why these scenes hit home for me, but lord… I just… I know I’m going to have a massive book hangover and I was dreading this book ending because I never wanted it to.

            Weightless is a story that is sexy, raw, heartbreaking, and completely addicting. Put this on all your lists because it deserves so much.

Happy Reading!
The Wandereader

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