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Maybe it’s cliché to share my favorite bad boys, but come on, the bad ones are the most alluring because we all think we can change a man. (What a joke!) However, Halloween is rapidly approaching and there’s something about the ones who are a little dark and like wearing leather that gets your heart racing. And what’s more Halloween than that?

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1. Noah Shaw

            I’m pretty sure mostly everyone fell in love with Noah Shaw. He’s broody, dangerous, and so in love with Mara Dyer that it hurts. And that’s all we really want, right? We want the bad boy’s love. I remember when I first began to read the trilogy and I was all, “oh lol, I won’t fall in love with Noah.” And what did I do? Fucking fell in love with the bastard. The Mara Dyer trilogy is one of my all-time favorite trilogies. It’s very atmospheric, dark, and so thrilling. Mara Dyer is an amazing protagonist and Noah Shaw is the icing on the cake.

2. Ethan Holt

From Bad Romeo

            Like I said, one of the main reason we enjoy bad boys so much is because we believe we can change the emotionally unavailable. We take a sick satisfaction in taming and domesticating the once untamable. That is exactly what Ethan Holt is: emotionally unavailable. After being burned by an ex, Ethan has made it impossible for anyone to penetrate his walls. Cassie Taylor, however, tries her hardest. This duology is an incredible read. It also packs quite a punch of a message: the only person who can change you is yourself. That’s a lesson we should all probably learn.

3. Baz

From Carry On

            Baz is pretty much the Draco Malfoy in Rainbow Rowell’s fantasy world. Carry On is Rowell’s spin-off of Fangirl. It draws heavily from Harry Potter. I love Baz so much. He’s this badass vampire, but when it comes to Simon Snow, he’s a big softie. Carry On is such a fun read. Rainbow Rowell’s take on The Chosen One story is exciting, romantic, and very emotional. This was one of my favorite reads of 2015.

4. King

From King

            King is probably the worst out of all of these men. Mainly because he’s part of a motorcycle club and he’s an actual criminal. But when he loves, he loves hard. King is an intense read and seriously, that cliffhanger at the end is TRAGIC. I was so happy when I realized the second book was on Kindle Unlimited because I read that shit so fast.

5. Bennett Ryan

            Okay, so Bennett is more of an asshole than a bad boy—hello! His nickname is Beautiful Bastard for a reason—but, this is my list so I’m putting whoever the hell I want on here. Again, we all have a thing for the emotionally unavailable. And when Chloe and Bennett butt heads, how do they solve it? By having the hottest sex ever in their workplace. Okay, so that didn’t really solve anything, but trust me. It’s an incredible read.

Happy Reading!
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