MONDAY MANIA: Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

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So, it’s December and I’ve managed to neglect my blog for another month and a half. Why am I even a person? I swear I’m trying. I hate that I’m an adult and can’t just sit at home and read all day. Here’s to trying again!

            Christmas is so much fun: snow, hot chocolate, family (sometimes), gifts, and probably the best part, Christmas movies! What’s better than cuddling up with a soft blanket and some hot chocolate and watching your favorite Christmas movie? I’ll tell you: NOTHING. (I feel like I’ve said this before about something else…)

            Anyway, here are my top 5 favorites.

5. Snowglobe

            I have a thing for ABC Family Original Movies, especially during the 25 Days of Christmas. Oops, now it’s Freeform isn’t it? Either way, Snowglobe has a special place in my heart. I don’t think there’s a single person that has seen a snow globe and hasn’t wished they could live inside it, just for a little bit. Well, Christina Milian gets her wish in this Christmas classic. Of course, you have to be careful what you wish for. (Also, Snowglobe features Britney Spears’s only Christmas record, so that’s a big reason I love this movie.)

            What Christmas movie marathon is complete without Home Alone?! It’s truly a classic. And it just makes me want to spend Christmas in New York even more than before. I love how ridiculous the plot is: a family forgets the youngest child at home while they go on vacation for Christmas, the house/child becomes under attack by these two ridiculous criminals, and the child defeats the criminals. It’s just pretty great.

            Of course, it’s the live version. Cartoon Christmas movies just aren’t my favorite. I feel like people are going to be very pissed about that statement. Anyway, I love this movie so, so much. Cindy Lou’s horrendous singing voice, even though Taylor Momsen is in a band now and has a great voice. I love the town, the moral of the story, and just everything about this movie. It’s perfect for a snowy night.

2. Elf

            Okay, but what a movie! Am I right? Will Ferrel is golden in this and a blonde Zooey Deschanel? What more could you ask for? So many iconic scenes in Elf. And again, it makes me want to spend Christmas in New York.

            I fell in love with The Polar Express at first watch. I remember I was in fourth grade and we took a field trip to the movie theater to watch this before Christmas break. We each got a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza and a soda and it was completely magical watching these kids take a train to the North Pole and then get in some trouble up there. And ever since then, I pray that The Polar Express will show up to my street. My absolute favorite Christmas movie ever.

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