REVIEW: Strong Enough by Melanie Harlow and David Romanov

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“Underneath his perfect exterior, Derek was human and wanted to be loved for who he was.”

Back of the book blurb:

I wasn’t looking for Derek Wolfe.
I wasn’t looking for anybody. All I wanted was to start a new life in America. But when I found myself stranded here with no place to go, he came to my rescue, offering me a place to stay.
He’s smart, successful, and sexy as hell—I can barely sleep knowing he’s right down the hall. And when the chemistry between us explodes one night with fierce, fiery passion, it’s hard to deny there’s something real there.
But he does.
He says he was drunk. He says it was a one-time thing. He says he’s not into guys and what we did meant nothing.
He’s lying. Because it happened again, and again, and again. And it’s better every time.
I know we could be good together, and I want the chance to try, but I’m done hiding. If he’s not strong enough to admit the truth, I’ll have to be strong enough to walk away.

Chase’s thoughts:

Publication Date: June 19, 2017
Publisher: MH Publishing
Pages: 276

Available for Purchase:

My rating:

Oh, hello everyone. Did you miss me? I’m just like a bad boyfriend—I ghost you for two months and show up right when you finally let go. So, if you’re still with me… I apologize. I’ve had no motivation recently and it sucks. I’ve barely been reading, but I’m definitely getting back into it. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of m/m romance—and not Sterek. So, I’m going to continue this trend and try to sift through the many, many m/m romances that are out there. Some are great, some are not so great. I’m going to find the great ones and tell the three of you that read my reviews about them! Let’s get started.

“I turned off all the lights and trudged upstairs, feeling every one of my thirty-six years.”

            Strong Enough starts off with Derek, a seemingly straight man, at the end of a date with a woman who should be perfect for him. The problem? He feels nothing for her. Nothing romantically and nothing sexually. But later on, when his sister, who hasn’t found an animal or person she didn’t want to save, gives Derek a call because a Russian man gets his bag stolen in her bar and needs rescuing, Derek reluctantly agrees. Little does Derek know that Maxim, the Russian man, is about to turn his life upside down.

            I’ve read a few more m/m romances after this one and I’ve been surprised to find that a lot of m/m romances follow the straight guy trope. Whether he’s closeted or doesn’t even know he’s gay until a certain guy. I knew it was a popular trope, but it just surprised me just how many people use it.

            Either way, Melanie Harlow and David Romanov executed the trope exceptionally. I thought the angst was incredible and I was dying to know how Derek would react to everything, considering he was battling some serious demons.

“I wanted to be rough with him, punish him for making me feel this.”

            Like I said, Derek was battling some serious demons. He grew up religious. And that rarely bodes well for men of the homosexual persuasion. Or anyone of the homosexual persuasion, really.

            I thought Derek’s battle was perfectly realistic and the angst-y back and forth of it all really pushed the novel forward in a fast pace. And that’s exactly what I like. I was rooting for Derek to finally be himself the entire time. I wanted the best for that beautiful, kind-hearted man.

“It did feel good, that dark and dangerous thing he had awoken in me. It made me feel virile. Carnal. Alive.”

            I absolutely loved Maxim. I loved learning about Russian culture and all the cute things he would say. It was also precious how much he loved his family, especially his little sister. He was so full of life and such a good person. He let everything roll off of his back. And all he wanted to do was pursue his dreams.

            Basically, you’ll be rooting for Maxim and Derek throughout the entire novel. Strong Enough is amazing and I’ll definitely be recommending it to m/m romance fans for a long time!

Happy Reading!
The Wandereader

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