REVIEW: Palm South University Season 2 by Kandi Steiner

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“The truth is, there are some challenges we face in our lives that completely change us.”

Back of the book blurb:

Drama. Lies. Sex. 
Welcome to Palm South University. 
The weather isn’t the only thing heating up in South Florida. At a school where fraternities and sororities don’t exactly play by the rules, relationships are bound to be tested. Parties and sex are definitely key ingredients in the Palm South recipe, but what happens when family issues, secret lives, and unrequited love get tossed in the mix? 
Follow Cassie, Bear, Jess, Skyler, Erin, Ashlei, and Adam as they tackle college at a small, private beach town university. Written in television drama form, each episode of this serial will pull you deeper and deeper into the world of PSU. 
Where the sun is hot and the clothes are scarce, anything can happen.

Chase’s thoughts:

Publication Date: July 16, 2017

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My rating:

            Well, shit… the no-crying thing didn’t last very long. Jumping back into the world of Palm South University and I couldn’t be happier. It truly is like binging my favorite television show. The stakes are higher, the drama is messier, and the sex is hotter. Trust me… you don’t want to miss it.

“’I’m just saying, you’re not living if you’ve never tried a finger in the ass before,’ Jess says with a shrug…”

            PSU Season 2 opens with a (finger) bang. Not literally. That was a joke. Now, LAUGH! At the beginning of episode 1, it’s a little flash forward to Thanksgiving where things make me SAD! Then, it jumps back to the beginning of the school year. So, basically, you’re hooked from the beginning.

            And just like season 1, season 2 is jam packed with drama. I promise you will get so caught up in everyone’s stories that you will not be able to put this one down.

“Time to show them a Cassie McBee they’ve never seen before. One they’ll never forget.”

            College is truly about finding yourself and the PSU students are definitely trying to do exactly that. Each character is so well-written, it will feel like you’re going to parties and experiencing heartbreak all alongside your best friends. Kandi Steiner has crafted such a diverse cast of characters that you will wish your actual friends were a little more like these characters.

“And now, I’m scared there isn’t an option to go back to the person I was before.”

            I was truly fooling myself if I thought I would make it through all of these books without crying. There are some serious issues that Kandi Steiner tackles in season 2. And what Kandi has to handle must be handled extremely delicately and I think she executes it with ease. It didn’t feel diluted or cheap or trite. It felt real. And it needs to be spoken on. I applaud Kandi for dealing with this and not trying to beat around the bush with it.

“Licking my lips, I lean in closer, biting his neck with more pressure than I intended. He hisses through his teeth as I softly kiss the same spot. ‘I want to ride you,’ I breathe against his skin, kissing his Adam’s apple next. ‘I want to make you come with my name on your lips.’”

            Again, the sex is scorching. The reader will be left wondering who will hook up with whom next. Who is staying together and who is breaking up. All I really have to say is that you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time, wondering what’s going to happen next!

            And I can’t wait to finish season 3! That review will be up on Sunday!

“We step into a moment in time as one person and emerge in new skin, with a new, slightly-battered heart that doesn’t beat the same.”

Happy Reading!
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