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“Love isn’t guaranteed. But you have to follow the song of your heart. Where will it lead you?”

Back of the book blurb:

He’s a player.
  He plays the bass with expert fingers. He plays women with intoxicating charm. And he’ll play me with the ease of a virtuoso.
  Who better to teach me to play than the master himself?
  I’m his model student, front row, pencil sharp. Pick up lines? I’ve got them. Free drinks? By the dozen. Kissing? Let me grab my chapstick.
  But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that there’s so much I don’t know. Like why his touch sets off a chain reaction straight to my nethers. Or how I’m certain each kiss is the best I’ll ever have, until the moment his lips take mine again.
  There’s so much I don’t know.
  Like the fact that I’m only a bet.
  But we are what we are. He’s a player, through and through.
  And I’m the fool who fell in love with him.

Chase’s thoughts:

Publication Date: October 11, 2018

Available for Purchase:

My rating:

            I’ve been waiting for Player since I devoured Piece of Work. The Red Lipstick Coalition quickly became my favorite group of girls. They’re all quirky and awkward and so fun. I absolutely love how Staci Hart has portrayed a beautiful and extremely important lesson: never change yourself for anyone. Someone will love you exactly the way you are, quirks and all. #RedLipstickCoalitionForever! Thank you Staci Hart and Social Butterfly PR for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

            Player is Val and Sam’s story. Val is essentially the founder of the Red Lipstick Coalition, as she was the one to convince her three friends—Amelia, Katherine, and Rin—to purchase something they normally never would: red lipstick. Val is outgoing and hilarious and honestly, I just want to put her in my pocket and protect her forever. Val is currently in the pit for Wicked on Broadway and she’s obsessed with Sam, a bass player. Little does she know, Sam has taken an interest in her, too. Just not for the reason she thinks…

“I knew without even needing to think about it that he’d ruin me for life.”

            I have a tattoo that reads “love hurts” on my right arm. It was inspired by “Cherry” by Lana Del Rey. The lyrics that inspired it were, “Love, I said real love is like feelin’ no fear / When you’re standin’ in the face of danger / ‘Cause you just want it so much.” And also, “Love, is it real love? / It’s like smilin’ when the firin’ squad’s against you / And you just stay lined up, yeah.”

            Many people think love shouldn’t hurt. But love does hurt and that pain? It’s intoxicating. Because that pain means you’re alive, it means you’re in it with someone else. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, that pain. And that’s Val and Sam’s love. It hurts. It hurts because they’re so in love with each other, but haven’t realized it yet and they both don’t think they deserve it. They keep doing what they’re doing, though, because that pain is addicting. That’s my favorite part about Player. Val and Sam burn, but the flames feel so good.

“Happiness. Such a simple thing to ask for and such an impossible thing to find. But for the first time, I had hope.”

            My other favorite thing about Player is how relatable the characters are. All four girls that make up the Red Lipstick Coalition are insecure or awkward or both. They’ve been pushed down by society, making them believe they’re not worthy of love because of how their mind works or how they look. These novels, though, prove that everyone is worthy of love. Everyone deserves a chance at that happiness that always seems juuuuust out of reach. Player (and the rest of the Red Lipstick Coalition novels) are for the awkward girls, the weird girls, the outcasts, and all of the girls who feel like they’re others. You’re amazing and you’re seen and you’re loved.

“I picked her up and carried her to bed where I told her a few mysteries of the universe in a way she couldn’t help but hear.”

            Okay, I just had to talk about Sam. SAM SAM SAM SAM SAM. He’s so cheesy and dreamy and everything. Broody guys are fun and all, but I’ve always had a thing for the happy ones. The ones who have a lust for life and a smile constantly plastered to their face. That is exactly who Sam is: he’s happy. I love that about him. He’s also extremely sexy and woo… those sex scenes. What I wouldn’t do for him to whisper dirty things into my ear while he made good use of those magical fingers. ANYWAY… yes to Sam. All the yesses to Sam.

            This is my love letter to Player. Please pick it up when it releases on October 11th! AND OMG!!! That sneak peak of Amelia’s book?!?! I’m DYING, STACI. DYING!!!!

Happy Reading!
The Wandereader

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