REVIEW: What If It's Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

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“I barely know him. I guess that is every relationship. You start with nothing and maybe end with everything.”

Back of the book blurb:

Arthur is only in New York for the summer, but if Broadway has taught him anything, it’s that the universe can deliver a showstopping romance when you least expect it.

  Ben thinks the universe needs to mind its business. If the universe had his back, he wouldn’t be on his way to the post office carrying a box of his ex-boyfriend’s things.

  But when Arthur and Ben meet-cute at the post office, what exactly does the universe have in store for them?

  Maybe nothing. After all, they get separated.

  Maybe everything. After all, they get reunited.

  But what if they can’t quite nail a first date . . . or a second first date . . . or a third?

  What if Arthur tries too hard to make it work . . . and Ben doesn’t try hard enough?

  What if life really isn’t like a Broadway play?

  But what if it is?

Chase’s thoughts:

Publication Date: October 9, 2018
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 437
ISBN: 9780062795250

Available for Purchase:

My rating:

            When I heard that Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera were teaming up to write a queer YA novel, I knew it would forever have a place in my heart. I wasn’t wrong. What If It’s Us is exceptional. Set in NYC, Ben and Arthur meet-cute big time. The rest of the novel begs the question: Does fate truly exist? Does the universe actually bring two people together, knowing it might never work? But, what if it does work?

            Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera have created a beautiful queer novel that will live on in the hearts of readers for a lifetime.

“I believe in love at first sight. Fate, the universe, all of it. But not how you’re thinking. I don’t mean it in the our souls were split and you’re my other half forever and ever sort of way. I just think you’re meant to meet some people. I think the universe nudges them into your path.”

            Ben and Arthur are actually not two people I would normally pair up. Arthur is optimistic and larger than life. Ben is a little pessimistic and downtrodden. Sometimes opposites attract. Sometimes they repel. But it’s clear from page one, even if Ben doesn’t see it, that Arthur could turn Ben’s life around. Their dynamic is an interesting one and I truly wasn’t expecting it.

            Becky and Adam are very real about Ben and Arthur’s relationship. Sometimes that chemistry isn’t instant. Sometimes it takes a little work and I love that about Ben and Arthur’s story.

“The universe wouldn’t get us together for just one summer, right?”

            Timing is everything when it comes to romance. And it truly does not seem like the timing is ever going to be right for Arthur and Ben, but somehow, they’re both determined to not give up. It’s like a second chance romance, but in the same summer, multiple chances in a row, as these two boys try to figure out how to navigate a new relationship. I love how their struggles are so relatable, especially for queer people.

“I don't get why that's so bad. Why shouldn't I want to be with someone who makes me feel worthy? Someone who wants to be with me for the long run?”

            Honestly, I was expecting more angst, especially from Adam Silvera, who literally broke my heart with They Both Die at the End. But, for the most part, What If It’s Us is a light-hearted and romantic read. It packs a punch with some extremely valuable lessons and is super enjoyable. The reader will absolutely fall in love with Ben and Arthur and root for them, no doubt.

            The ending was everything, though. The book came full circle and it was beautiful. Bittersweet, but perfect, especially for Arthur and Ben.

            What If It’s Us is a beautiful novel that explores queer relationships, fate, and whether two people are meant to be together.

Happy Reading!

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