REVIEW: Your Sound by Katia Rose

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It’s simple: if you’re a Molly Myers, you don’t end up with a rock star.”

Back of the book blurb:

Molly Myers is just your average groupie next door.


The rock star whose posters cover her bedroom wall is banging her roommate right on the other side of it. Even for Molly, reigning queen of embarrassing moments, the situation is epically awkward. Every thump of the headboard is just one more reminder that the lead singers of famous bands don’t date bumbling shy girls too anxious to leave their own rooms.

JP Bouchard-Guindon wasn’t looking for Molly’s room when he accidentally burst through the door, but the wild-haired girl lying there in her underwear was certainly worth the detour.

As the keyboardist for Montreal’s latest indie rock sensation, JP has met his fair share of fangirls. He’s always ready to throw up some finger guns for a photo. What he’s not ready for is the way skittish, wide-eyed Molly Myers gets stuck inside his head.

A practical joker and a social recluse are the last people anyone expects a connection between. She’s silence aching for a voice, and he’s sound with a craving for quiet. Their differences will either pull them together, or fracture their worlds when they push them apart.

Chase’s thoughts:

Publication Date: December 1, 2018

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My rating:

                  With each Katia Rose novel I read, the more addicted I become. Each character becomes someone I hold close to me and I know I will continue to hold them close to me for a very long time. These four guys in a huge rock band have come to feel like my closest friends as they find true love and it flips their worlds upside down. Your Sound is a wonderful addition to the Sherbrooke Station series and I just can’t wait for the fourth novel.

“People like JP don’t go for girls like me.”

                  We all know that I have a very soft spot for the weird girls. The insecure girls. And Molly Myers is definitely my favorite heroine in the Sherbrooke Station series. She has really bad anxiety and believes that everyone thinks that she’s weird. Yet, she has no idea that she’s actually completely magnetic and so captivatingly beautiful. She’s also extremely talented—her fan fiction graphic design is actually incredible—but again, the self-doubt is real. It’s beautiful to watch Molly’s journey of self-discovery. And it might’ve started with a boy, but she does it all herself and to see her blossom into someone who finds herself worthy of love, especially self-love, brought several tears to my eyes.

“I want to know her. I want to learn her. I want to pick her apart like a piece of machinery and find out how every gear turns.”

                  The best part about Your Sound is the fact that not only Molly is the “weird” one, but so is JP. They are both eccentric and just perfect for each other. JP is the one who doesn’t take anything seriously. The one who is always cracking a joke. But, for the first time in his life, Molly makes him want to take things a little more seriously. To see JP care about Molly so deeply—even if it scares him—made me believe in love once again. Their chemistry is truly out of this world.

“This is more than sex. This is more than friendship. This is a force of nature we’re trying to hold in our hands.”

                  Your Sound is the romance book that we all deserve. It’s filled with love and heart and warmth and wit. The characters hop out of the page and suddenly they are whispering in your ear and digging their way into your heart. Your Sound will fill your heart with a beautiful symphony that you will never want to let go of.

Happy Reading!

Love,The Wandereader

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