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“I don’t want to be broken anymore.”

Back of the book blurb:

Spending three weeks on a bus with your boyfriend, his rock band, and their entire tour crew: possibly a bad idea.

  Spending three weeks on a bus with your ex-boyfriend, his rock band, and their entire tour crew: definitely a bad idea.

  But with the contract signed and the gigs all booked, Roxanne Nadeau finds herself heading out on the road as the accompanying violinist for reigning rock gods Sherbrooke Station, despite being on less than cordial terms with their bassist.

  Not that the situation comes as a surprise. Roxanne and Cole’s near-constant on/off status has become a longstanding joke among their friends, and while the seven years of history between the two might suggest that resistance is futile, Roxanne’s determined to make this breakup their last.

  Cole’s equally convinced he can use the opportunity to win her back for good.

  Some conniving band-mates, way too many long drives, and the insanity of tour life all turn the bus into a pressure cooker that would detonate even the most stable of relationships. The explosion is inevitable; it’s how much of themselves they can salvage from the rubble that Roxanne and Cole will need to figure out.

Chase’s thoughts:

Publication Date: May 1, 2019
Pages: 280

Available for Purchase:

My rating:

            I can’t believe that I finished the fourth and final (I think?) book in the Sherbrooke Station series! It seems like just yesterday that I was falling in love with Kay and Matt in Your Rhythm and now here I am, four books later, and I’ve fallen in love with every single character and every single story that Katia Rose has so lovingly crafted.

            Your Chorus is filled with Katia Rose’s signature angst, heat, and passion and I can assure that you once you pick Your Chorus up, you won’t be able to put it down.

“She’s always there, at the tip of my fingers, and all I have to do is flick the lighter and inhale.”

            From Your Rhythm to Your Sound, the infamous Cole and Roxanne had been mentioned time and time again from their tumultuous relationship to their insane chemistry. I think their story is the one I was looking forward to the most from the very first mention of them. I just knew their story would be something special and that’s exactly what it was. This is Katia Rose at her absolute finest.

            Cole and Roxy have been on and off again for what seems like ever, but when Roxy decides it’s finally time to work on herself rather than her relationship with Cole, it gives Cole the reality check he so desperately needs lest he loses Roxy forever.

“Some people hoard shot glasses. Some people go for postcards. I collect tiny, desert-loving plants with spikes on them.”

            Ugh, okay, Roxy is everything. From her badass attitude to her beautiful, golden heart, Roxy is one of a kind. It is so beautiful because we basically get to see Roxy’s character growth through four novels. We only get glimpses and side conversations of her relationship with Cole, but when we get to actually learn about her, it makes you fall in love so much harder. Roxy has been through hell and back and yet she’s here and she’s not going to let you forget it.

“I would choose Roxanne Nadeau every fucking time. I would choose hell with her over heaven with anyone else…”

            Cole, the silent one. Cole, the broody one. Cole, the intimidating one. Cole, the misunderstood one. That’s always how it goes, doesn’t it? The ones who need understanding the most are always the most misunderstood. Cole has a special place in my heart, mainly because he just needs someone to love him and not run when things get scary. Even though both Cole and Roxy had a lot to work on, Cole, like Roxy, has a heart of gold. Watching both Cole and Roxy find themselves so they could be better for each other was extremely heartwarming.

“What I’m trying to tell you,” Monroe sums up, “is that the right choice doesn’t always feel easy.”

            I was absolutely living for all of the angst that saturated Your Chorus. I’ve been so cavalier about a lot of books lately, but Your Chorus reminded me why I love reading so much because this story made me feel and it made me feel deeply, which had been lacking in my life as of late.

            Another great addition to Your Chorus was Monroe and DeeDee! I’m low key (see: high key) hoping that maybe one and/or both of them get their own books because they were so deliciously fun and added a dynamic to Your Chorus that felt like if they weren’t in the book, it wouldn’t feel right.

            Your Chorus was a beautiful and heartwarming novel about how sometimes, two people have to fall apart alone to come back together as two whole people instead of two halves of a broken mess. The Sherbrooke Station series is devastatingly romantic and damn, I’m going to cherish these characters and stories for the rest of my life.

“We’re the chorus, you and me,” he murmurs, as the thumping in his chest starts to slow. “It always comes back to us.”

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