REVIEW: Seven Shades of You by A.M. Johnson

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“She was a silver lining, and I had no business wishing for such extravagant things.”

Back of the book blurb:

Her world was color. Canvas and paint. Indie O’Connell lived inside her head. Her voices the muse. And as a freshman at St. Peter's College, all she wanted, was to create a name for herself with the brush in her hand.

  His world was over. Despite his humble upbringing, Kai Carter seemed to have it all. Captain of the swim team and a full scholarship. His golden boy status a mask he had to wear to keep his dream and his family afloat. All the pieces of his life dangled precariously from his fingertips.

  Forced to fight a battle he’d never signed up for, Kai’s loyalty turned out to be his undoing, and like a good captain, no matter what the cost, he’d gone down with the ship.

  They never planned for their worlds to collide.

He was her brother's best friend.

She was supposed to be invisible.

  Off limits.

  Being together, regardless of how much they wanted it, was a line they'd never cross. But when lives get messy, lines get blurred, and in love, nothing is ever black and white.

Chase’s thoughts:

Publication Date: June 13, 2019

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My rating:

            Okay, so! I thought A.M. Johnson blew me away with Let There Be Light. I had no idea what I had coming with Seven Shades of You. Not only did it blow me away, but it completely changed my life. All I really want to say is that if you’ve never read A.M. Johnson, you need to get on it ASAP because her writing is poetic, magnetic, and heartbreakingly beautiful.

“Art is real, and serious, and… for some people, the only way to belong to something.”

            Sheesh. I just have to talk about A.M. Johnson’s writing. Just the way she words things always knocks me off my feet. It’s gorgeous and heartbreaking and addicting. I always try to read her books a little slower than I normally would because I have to savor them. I soak up each and every word and let it fill me with the beauty that practically leaps off the page. I absolutely love books that make time feel like it’s slowing down and there’s nothing else except me and this perfect world that’s inside my head. Seven Shades of You took me to that perfect world and I never left it the entire time I was reading.

“I’m not ready to give away something so personal. I don’t want to sell my secrets, the parts of me I’m still learning to love.”

            We met Indie in Cam and Royal’s story, Let There Be Light. She was an enigma that I couldn’t wait to dive into. While her brother, Royal, thrives on attention, Indie prefers to be in the shadows. With voices in her head like her father, she likes to play it safe. That gets thrown out the window when Kai comes into her life, though.

            It was absolute beauty watching Indie grow and thrive with Kai. I fell head over heels for Indie and honestly, she deserves ALL of the happiness. Walking through her thoughts, her battles with her demons, her romance with Kai? It all felt like an incredibly rewarding privilege.

“Her laughter washed over me as she raised her hands to my shoulders, and I thought, with the brush of her fingertips on my skin, I understood what it meant to feel red.”

            KAI!!!! KAI!!!! I LOVE KAI!!! One of the most romantic heroes I have ever read in a story. Just rereading that line above brought tears to my eyes. A jock with a hard home life and big dreams in his heart? I am swooning constantly. His love for Indie shines through so brightly and it caused me to fall so hard, I’m still having trouble getting back up.

            It’s so amazing to watch these two people who believe they don’t deserve happiness go through life-altering moments and come out on the other side realizing that they do deserve happiness!

“When it comes to you, I’m sure about everything.”

            The chemistry between Kai and Indie was outrageous. I can still feel my heart pounding while just thinking about this book. It is absolutely incredible the way that A.M. Johnson brought these characters and this world to life.

            I can assure you, A.M. Johnson is an author to watch. I just know she’s going to do huge things and make such an impact. She’s already made a gigantic impact on me, that’s for sure.

Happy Reading!

The Wandereader

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