REVIEW: Devious Lies by Parker S. Huntington

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“I wanted to fuck with her. I wanted to fuck her.”

Back of the book blurb:

I had a plan to escape the friend zone.
Step one:  sneak into Reed’s room.
Step two:  sleep with him.

But when the lights turned on, it wasn’t familiar blue eyes I saw. These were dark, angry, and full of demons. And they belonged to Reed’s much older brother.

Four years later, Nash Prescott is no longer the help’s angry son. I’m no longer the town’s prized princess.

At twenty-two, I’m broke, in need of a job. At thirty-two, he’s a billionaire, in need of revenge.

Who cares if my family ruined his? Who cares if he looks at me with pure loathing? Who cares if every task he assigns me is designed to torture?

I need the money. Simple as that.

I’ll suffer his cruelty in silence, knowing there’s one thing he wants more than revenge… Me.

Chase’s thoughts:

Publication Date: December 14, 2019
Pages: 700
ISBN: 9781950209194

Available for Purchase:

My rating:

            This is my first Parker Huntington novel. I was a little scared at first because books with really angry/mean heroes can be hit or miss for me. I normally like them, but they stress me out! Like, I’m just more of a romantic, sweet kind of guy, you know? So when the hero is super mean to the heroine, I’m like, “Oh my god! WHY IS HE BEING SO MEAN?!” I thought that with Devious Lies, but I also fell completely in love with Nash and Emery. Devious Lies is a torturous slow burn that hurts so good.

“Only, I was a Muggle, and life couldn’t get much more fucked-up than that.”

            Something about the darkness in this novel mixed with a messed-up sense of humor really did it for me. Devious Lies is a 700-page book, which is why I liked it so much, I think. With darker novels, I feel like the reader has to really get to know the characters and the world to really enjoy it, which is exactly what I did. Getting to know Emery and Nash and their backstory and their current lives was incredibly special. Falling in love with both of them is a wild ride, but so worth it.

“Hate-fuck him out of your system. Could I? Did it work like that? A little Vitamin D, and I was suddenly cured of my Nash fixation?”

            Devious Lies is probably one of the most erotic novels I’ve ever read. Not only is the tension built up to the maximum, but the sex scenes are extremely explosive. Both Emery and Nash hate each other for different reasons and that means that there is a lot of intense sex. It’s bound to be intense when you want to stay away from someone, but something keeps drawing you to them.

“I was a Matryoshka doll. He kept peeling at my shells, and I wanted to stop him before he reached the center and realized nothing existed inside of me but air and things that vanished.”

            Like I said before, I’m a first-time reader for Parker Huntington, but this will not be my last! I absolutely love her style of writing. It’s mature, provocative, and so completely addicting. She has wit and humor and angst. She has it all! I literally never wanted Devious Lies to end and it was already 700 pages!

“I was a princess, and I had traded in my ballgowns for battlefields. He had started the battle, but I would win the war.”

            I loved everything about Nash and Emery—their personalities, their chemistry, their minds, everything. I even loved the hate between them (because I knew it was only temporary). These two are destined to be together. Fate is real and fate is Nash and Emery.

            Devious Lies is an absolute triumph and definitely one of my favorite novels of 2019.

Happy Reading!

Love,The Wandereader

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  1. Great review! I don't think I've heard of this author before but I'm definitely intrigued despite how angsty it sounds. I'm always on the fence about these kinds of heroes too! They tread a very fine line between hot and absolutely not. Your review has convinced me to check this out!