REVIEW: Manhattan (Becker Brothers #3) by Kandi Steiner

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“I’m the girl who reads about the fairy tale ending—not the girl who gets one.”

Back of the book blurb:

Everyone knows not to fall in love with your best friend.

  But when your best friend is Michael Becker, it’s impossible not to.

  He’s everything our town knows a Becker brother to be: devastatingly handsome, charming as a thief, and the icing on the cake — a sentimental musician who’s never without his guitar.

  And he was mine. At least, that’s what I’d convinced myself.

  Our bond was born in elementary school, strengthened by circumstance and the promise to always be there for each other, no matter what. And the best thing about my life was being friends with Michael Becker.

  Until it was the worst.

  I watched him fall in love with someone else, and helped patch him back up when she left him behind. But when he drops the bomb that he’s moving to New York, I realize it’s my last chance to tell him how I feel. And I ask him to make one more promise.

  One summer. One list of adventures to remind him that our small town has more to offer than memories of the girl who left him behind.

  One last chance to tell him I’m in love with him.

  And I’m just dumb enough to believe that maybe he could love me, too.

Chase’s thoughts:

Publication Date: December 19, 2019
Pages: 301
ISBN: 9781672816731

Available for Purchase:

My rating:

            You know, I’ve loved the previous two books of the Becker Brothers series thoroughly. There’s something about a small-town romance that just… really digs into your skin, you know? It’s even more epic that Kandi has weaved in a little mystery to really spice things up. But, with Manhattan, there is just something extra that really knocked this one out of the park for me. The small-town romance paired with a best friends-to-lovers trope intertwined with the ongoing mystery made Manhattan my favorite Becker Brothers book so far!

“One summer. One list of adventures to remind him that our small town has more to offer than memories of the girl who left him behind.”

            There were mentions of the youngest Becker brother, Mikey, throughout the first two books. The love of his life, Bailey, had left him to chase her dreams of becoming a musician in Nashville. Mikey was heartbroken because that was supposed to be their dream. Lucky for Mkey, his best friend, Kylie, was there to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. (P.S. I accidentally typed Kyle instead of Kylie and I wish it had been a Kyle instead of Kylie hahaha.)

            I love adventure lists. Like, any book that uses that trope is automatically amazing. That, and road trip books. UGH. (Yes, I’m looking at you, On the Way to You.) Basically, Kandi added all of my favorite tropes into one book and that equals me being a sobbing mess for 97% of the book because it was so CUTE and so ROMANTIC and just all-around enticing.

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for you to kiss me, Michael Becker.”

            I think we can all relate to Kylie Nelson just a little bit. There’s always that one person who only thinks of you as a friend even though you wish with all your heart they saw you as a little bit more. The unrequited love is such a good burn. What makes it even better is if that person does actually see you as more than a friend.

            I think there’s something extremely special about starting a relationship with someone who was a friend first. You have that connection already. You have a foundation. You already know each other inside and out and you’re okay with it. They’ve most likely seen you at your worst and vice versa and you both decided to stick around. That’s my favorite part about Kylie and Mikey. They fight for each other, no matter what. At the end of the day, their friendship means everything to them and they’re willing to do anything to save it.

“I love that you don’t see how devastatingly beautiful you are.”

            Kandi is still the queen of having the perfect mix of romance and angst. Granted, the Becker Brothers books are not as heavy on the angst as some of her others. I still absolutely love how Kandi can draw out every single emotion in you, whether you want her to or not. Not only am I reading about these two lovely characters, I’m transported right into the little town of Stratford, as if I’m quite literally apart of the Becker family. Kandi has crafted such an intricate cast of characters that are so beautifully flawed and amazing, that it’s impossible to not fall in love with each and every one of them.

            I honestly think that Manhattan is probably the most romantic novel out of the three Becker Brothers books so far. There’s something about young(er) love that makes everything so much more intense and colorful. Plus, that grand declaration? I AM SO HERE FOR IT THAT IT HURTS. Where’s my own Michael Becker?!

“She’d brought music back into my life. No… she was the music in my life.”

            Manhattan is by far my favorite Becker Brothers novel. Michael and Kylie are to die for and I know everyone is just going to gobble them up. I am super excited for Jordan’s story, too, even though I dread the day that this series is over. Kandi, I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN PLEASE LOVE ME.

            Seriously. Read this book! You know you want to.

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