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“Pretending I was okay was easier than explaining why I wasn’t.”

Back of the book blurb:

Rocked to her core, Adrianna is faced with an incurable illness. She's aware of what she's up against and is willing to risk what’s left of her for what she loves. With one last chance, and despite her doctor's orders, Adrianna struggles harder than ever to achieve her dream.

Tired and torn, Kova embraces his flaws as he watches Adrianna reach her breaking point. Unable to stand by as she continues to endanger herself, he surrenders to what he wants most, even if it means losing himself in the process.

As Adrianna fights for her life, Kova battles for them both. No one is left unscathed as they succumb to their darkest hunger. Passions reignite and their actions grow bolder, creating an endless link between them. Once is a mistake. Twice is reckless. Three times is a choice. But this time they may have gone too far.

Chase’s thoughts:

Publication Date: November 19, 2019
Pages: 542
ISBN: 9781709451744

Available for Purchase:

My rating:

            Honestly, I was SO EXCITED that we got another Off Balance book so soon after Release AND Hush, Hush. So, thanks Lucia Franco for really giving the people what they wanted! AND WHAT WE WANT IS MORE KOVA. ALWAYS. I feel like so much happened during Twist and WHEW, I have a lot of feelings about it all. It was one thing after another and it constantly had me on the edge of my seat! Twist had me feeling all sorts of ways and I cannot wait for Dismount!

“Adrianna, you do not have to keep calling me Coach. We both know I am much more than that.”

            Honestly, the sexual tension between Kova and Ria is STILL SO REAL and the payoff was… explosive to say the least. I’m a gay male so you know my libido is quite high; however, there’s a multiple chapter scene that had me asking, “How are they still going?” But goodness, I was enraptured. I could not stop reading. The forbidden love and sex is just so erotic and written so well that it works. Normally, it would seem to be too much or too redundant, but Lucia Franco executes it with ease.

“Sometimes we need people to push us, Adrianna. We want it. And I think you want me to push you. Just like I wish you would push me.”

            The back and forth between Kova and Ria is so deliciously captivating and angering all at once! Ria will say she’s done with Kova and then he’ll say one word to her and it’s back to heart eyes all over the place. I’m like GIRL STICK TO YOUR WORD! But, there’s always that one person that brings out the worst in us no matter how hard we try to not let them. Regardless, the angst that this dynamic creates is delicious and even though there were sometimes I wish Ria would make Kova sweat a little longer, I love when they’re together.

“I felt him, and I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay numb to the world.”

            Poor Ria is GOING THROUGH IT. It’s literally just one thing after another with her. I want to just put her in my pocket and protect her from the world! She’s had to grow up so fast and even though it seems like there are people in her corner, no one actually seems to have her best interests in mind and honestly, it’s mind boggling.

            Even though I was expecting what happens toward the end of the book to happen, I was still shocked at how it all went down, which I think is a feat in itself. It’s incredible to be so deep into a series and still find ways to shock the reader, especially with this specific subject matter. I love how intricately Lucia has weaved this story to consistently keep the reader intrigued and yearning for more!

“Tell me you feel it too, that it is not just me.”

            Twist is an absolute emotional roller coaster that will have you screaming and crying and laughing and freaking out. If you haven’t started the Off Balance series, honestly, what are you waiting for?! GO. NOW. DO IT.

Happy Reading!

The Wandereader

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